Some References of Delicious Culinary From Makassar

Indonesia is a country with many great destinations to go. In this case, most of the destinations are also big towns. One of them is Makassar. This town is located in the area of eastern Indonesia. Even, this town is the biggest town in eastern Indonesia. Instead of the fact about its size and growth, this town plays role as the bridge and gate that connect to the locations of eastern Indonesia. This town, which is located in the Sulawesi Island, has airport and other access that enables many tourists coming from various places get access to reach areas in eastern Indonesia. Of course, Makassar itself also has its attractive points and it can be seen from its icon. Makassar has Pantai Losari or Losari Beach as the icon of tourism. This beach is not like common beaches that have sands. Losari Beach is a beach with no area of sands yet it offers something different. Moreover, Delicious Culinary From Makassar becomes other interesting points to find in this big town.

It is true that popular and Delicious Culinary From Makassar becomes interesting or attractive points of this town. There are various tasty foods to try in Makassar. For example, in the area of Losari Beach, it will be easy to find Pisang epe. This is a delicious snacks from Makassar and this is a great food to try while enjoying the great view of Losari Beach. In this case, pisang epe is made from pressed banana. The banana then is grilled. To serve it, the banana is poured by melted brown sugar as the sauce. To make it perfect, it is possible to add topping such as chocolate or cheese. Then, the other great culinary in Makassar is seafood. Since it is located near the sea, it is normal to have seafood in this town. However, the seafood is cooked with special recipe and ingredients, so the taste is more delicious compared to other seafood. The crab becomes one of the famous seafood to find in this town.

Of course, there are also other references or choices of Delicious Culinary From Makassar. Pisang epe and seafood are not the only tasty meals or dishes to find in this big town. There are still other interesting foods.

  • Coto Makassar can be one of the icon of Makassar culinary. This is a kind of soup with the stew made from ground peanut and other ingredients. As the source of protein, this soup has beef. In some places or menus, the beefs are replaced by offal or sometimes both of them are combined together.
  • Then, there is also konro bakar. It is local name to call grilled ribs. In Makassar, the grilled ribs are served in two ways. First, it is served as the common ribs. Then, it is served as a soup. Warm rice is great combination of this menu.
  • For drink, there is pisang ijo. It is actually a banana dan it has layer. The layer is made from green rice flour and it wraps the banana. Then, in serving this menu, the green banana is served with cocout milk and syrup. Adding ice can make this menu so refreshing.

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