Is it Really Safe to Use Online Banking?

Nowadays, practically all banks have made it possible for their customers to do most of their banking online, and things such as paying credit cards, utilities, loans, mortgages, and even the transference of money between accounts are all covered.

Their customers can save time, paperwork, and transport costs, making the use of a bank all that much easier and user friendly. However, with things such as fraud and identity theft on the increase, is online banking really that safe?

Getting Started

First of all, to do banking online, the customer must first set up login credentials at the bank’s website.

  • After logging in, the customer can then access all of his or her accounts at that bank along with relative statements or bills.
  • With a few clicks of a mouse the benefits of online banking in Malaysia can be undertaken by transferring money from a savings or checking account.
  • There are no requirements for the savings or checking account to be at the very same establishment and the customer simply supplies the bank account number and a bank transfer is then carried out.

There are somepreventative measure to take, however:

  • The first rule is to never click through to a banking site via any links in email.
  • The email could be what is called a “phishing” scam, which takes any unaware people to a fraudulent website that resembles the real thing.
  • With the setting up of a fake banking site, those with bad intentions can steal usernames and passwords of customers.
  • These real usernames and passwords can then be used by these criminalson the real site to gain access to yourfinancial accounts.

And even if there is an email that is legitimate, make it a habit to go to a banking site through the normal channels. And remember that banks never ask for sensitive data via email. Should an email ask for any sort of response or information, contact your bank and make sure that the number you are using is actually for your bank, not from the email.

Where to Do it

Secure online banking is secure over a WIFI network, as any encryption used will prohibit your data from being broadcast in a readable format. But, if possible don’t do any online banking at anyone else’s computer, a work computer, or any type of public computer as they just might have things such as spyware, rootkits or keylogger programmes running. All of these can be detrimental to your doing any kind of online banking, so don’t take any chances!

You should also have a good firewall, anti-virus and anti-malware software running and being updated regularly. Run a full scan on your computer prior to starting any online banking and you should be safe to go into online banking and experience how easy it is to pay bills etc. online. Ensure that usernames and passwords are secure, and keep them in a personal place.

After trying online banking, there’s no going back!

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